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The aim of the BBC when it very first set-up was clear. It was to provide a medium for the people of Britain in which they could receive information that could “inform, educate and entertain”. When you think about it, Auntie had brilliantly captured the essence of delivering content in those 3 words. So with this in mind, here at Trainrider we have adopted this mantra set out by “The Beeb” and adapted it for the digital marketplace, and as such, this blog is our BBC ONE. But before we carry on, here is the news….


Over the past few months we have been delighted to add to our team a selection of excitable young chaps and chapettes who are going to be adding significant amounts of talent and verve to our design and marketing teams.

What this means in a nutshell for you guys is that we can now offer even more ways to provide innovative designs and ideas to help your projects achieve fantastic results.

In particular, our focus to email marketing means that we can breathe new life into old, flagging campaigns. We have also added Mobile App Development to our armoury too, helping businesses keep their clients close like never before.


In perhaps our most exciting steps yet, Phil is unleashing his awesome talents into CGI – and this is already providing some quite stunning results already. It is pretty mind-blowing stuff to be honest!

As the internet and digital marketplace lurches forward from one day to the next, we are seeing the goalposts of traditional services such as SEO and Pay Per Click advertising moving all the time. That isn’t to say they are any less important – as we will prove over the coming weeks, but how we utilise these skills is definitely broadening out into new, exciting horizons.

If you haven’t reviewed your website or digital marketing strategy in the last 18 months I would strongly urge you to do so right now – whether it’s with us or your current provider.


Whilst we have been away, there have been many issues that have come up for discussion. These range from the impact of non-mobile friendly websites on Google’s rankings to websites with the ability to design themselves. Over the coming weeks and months you can rest assured that we will of course be keeping you all in the loop with the latest on-goings in the digital marketplace.

What I would just like to say at this point that for some businesses there is some merit in the fact that rankings are slipping for websites which aren’t mobile friendly. However, this isn’t across the board, and because the websites we have built since 2012 have all been responsive as standard, our clients aren’t suffering and the “oh my God, HELP!” hotline has remained inactive.

It is worth noting though that things in this line of work can change at a whim, which again is why it’s important to take stock on a regular basis how things are performing. This isn’t just our accountant telling us to tell you this – it’s a common sense business practise that even perceived Charlatan-like web marketing companies have to do!


The aim of this blog is to try and bring you closer to the people who are locked away in the inner sanctum of Trainrider Towers. As time goes on we will introduce you to more and more of the fine young fellows and ladies here present. In the meantime though you will have to make do with my ugly mug and words of wisdom.

Our next blog post should be good to go around the 3rd of August and if you are looking for help with Social Media, or paying someone to manage it for you, it’s going to be well worth looking out for. To make sure you don’t miss out, sign up for our email marketing over on the right hand side there and we’ll pop the post in your inbox when it’s done.